January 1, 2008

Claiming a piece of the future

Issue 10 - Jan 2008

Rajesh Jain

Which areas in digital technology can India lead in?

For India to become a global leader, it needs to leverage its domestic market. Companies can build scale targeting users (or businesses) in India, and then use that to go international. In recent times, we have seen Suzlon do this in the alternative energy industry. To answer the question about which areas India can lead in, it is important to first understand the past and then envision tomorrow’s world.

India has the ability to lead in the creation of this new world because for most of us, mobiles have become the primary device in our life. By helping create the devices, networks and services for this emerging world of teleputers, the Ubinet and the m-web, Indian companies can not only capitalise on a domestic market, but also get the scale they need to target other markets globally. These technological revolutions should be the tenets for Indian entrepreneurs to build their companies. The future is closer than we think!

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