Issue 20 – November 2008

(~4 minutes each)
Contents (MP3)

The Sri Lanka dilemma (MP3)

China’s military modernisation (MP3)

Civil military relations (MP3)

Amarnath aftermath (MP3)

Faith in the system (MP3)

What would Rajiv Gandhi say? (MP3)

The end of financial capitalism (MP3)

Review of Aiyar’s and Swami’s books (MP3)

Special Podcast
Interview with Jaswant Singh, MP
Jaswant Singh on defining the national interest, geopolitics and India’s neighbourhood and military modernisation

Part 1 — Defining the national interest
Listen Online (~13 mins)
[audio:] Download MP3 (12 MB)

Part 2 — Perspective on geopolitical structure, Afghanistan-Pakistan and the neighbourhood
Listen Online (~16 mins)
[audio:] Download MP3 (15.2 MB)

Part 3 — On military modernisation and the how warfare has changed
Listen Online (~7 mins)
[audio:] Download MP3 (6.4 MB)

Some soundbites
Listen Online (~3 mins)
[audio:] Download MP3 (2.85 MB)

Podcast 5 – Issue 17 – July 2008

Should India send troops to Afghanistan?. Listen to the debate in the August 2008 podcast edition of Pragati.

Listen Online (17:30 mins)

Download MP3 (8 MB)

Podcast 4 – Issue 16 – July 2008

Listen to the July 2008 issue of Pragati—The Indian National Interest Review: on India’s quest for a foreign policy; Indian companies and the national interest; America contemplates the new geopolitics; India-Israel relations (cover story); and two pieces pertaining to agriculture policy.

Listen Online (33:05 mins)

Download MP3 (15 MB)

Podcast 3 – Issue 15 – June 2008

Listen to the discussion on the New Jihadis and human rights, the argument for cultural liberalism and excerpts from the interview with Stephen P Cohen. This podcast also features the case for getting the financial infrastructure in place as well as improving economic literacy.

Note: The interview with Stephen P Cohen will be presented in a special podcast. Watch this space!

Listen Online (26:10 mins)

Download MP3 (12 MB)

Special Podcast
K Subrahmanyam (iPh)
Interview with K Subrahmanyam – Part 1
In the first of a three part podcast, K Subrahmanyam talks about the gap between India’s geopolitical profile and its foreign policy thinking; nuclear weapons and disarmament; lessons from 1962, 1971 and 1999; and India’s national interest.

Listen Online (25:59 mins)

Download MP3 (12 MB)

Part 2
In the second part, Mr Subrahmanyam dwells at length on military modernisation, twenty-first century geopolitics and relations with India’s neighbours (including Myanmar and Tibet). He also responds to the Marxist criticism of “national interest” and offers his take on the struggle within the Islamic world.

Listen Online (27:05 mins)

Download MP3 (12.4 MB)

Podcast 2 – Issue 14 – May 2008

Mohit Satyanand presents excerpts from several articles from the May 2008 issue of Pragati in the second podcast. A special feature in this edition is an excerpt from an interview with K Subrahmanyam. Hear what he has to say about 21st century geopolitics and the Indian national interest—in his own voice.

Listen Online (26:34 mins)

Download MP3 (12.2 MB)

Podcast 1 – Issue 13 – April 2008

Mohit Satyanand presents the April 2008 issue of Pragati in our inaugural podcast.

Listen Online

Download MP3 (4.8 MB)

To listen to the podcast online you will need a Flash-enabled browser, and a broadband internet connection for optimum listening experience.

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