Devika Kher

Human capital: Where does India stand?

The skew in India towards younger generations highlights the disconnect between today’s education system and the skills required in the labour market. Upon analysis of the Human Capital Report – 2015, released recently by the World Economic Forum (WEF), it is clear that for India to tread on the path of long-term economic success, the […]

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Farmer suicides: A global phenomenon

Beyond the poverty and inequality debate, farmer suicides is a sensitive matter and needs to be analysed in much more detail. Farmer suicides were back in the limelight after the recent suicide of Gajendra Singh, who was left penniless, after a rainstorm destroyed all his crops. Even though the main issue sidetracked into becoming a […]

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Managing disasters in India

In order to mitigate the outcomes of a disaster, precautions have to be taken well in advance. The Surat floods of 2006 exemplify a strange kind of natural disaster. It is certainly strange when nature is so predictable that the entire city knows exactly when the water levels rise, and yet disaster still occurs. In […]

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