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Goods and services tax in India

Feasible options for the implementation of the GST in April 2016. The introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) involving the unification and rationalisation of multiple production and consumption taxes at the Union and State levels, into a unified value added taxes on goods and services (GST) at Union and State levels, has been […]

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Sharing India’s democratic talents

What can emerging democracies learn from India’s democratic tradition? In Japan, prime minister Narendra Modi ruffled Chinese feathers when he praised Indian and Japanese democracy. At least one American paper, the Wall Street Journal, noted that Modi’s description of Japanese and Indian democracy as a ‘light’ contrasted to the ‘darkness’ of China.  “If Japan and India […]

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EU-India Free Trade Agreement brooks no delay

The UPA government should push for the EU-India FTA with the same purposiveness it displayed on the civil nuclear agreement with the US and permitting FDI in multi-brand retail. A high powered trade delegation from the European Union (EU) is due in Delhi next week. The visiting dignitaries are expected to call on the Union […]

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