Gopal Krishna Gokhale

A pioneer liberal

Mahadev Govind Ranade, a noted historian, social reformer, judge of the High Court of Bombay, co-founder of the Indian National Congress and one of India’s original liberals.  The muddy and gushing Panchganga river adorns the town of Kolhapur like a necklace. The fertile valley and abundant water make for lush green sugarcane fields in the […]

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The legacy of Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Gokhale addressed the four corners of liberal values – social reforms, economic system, political rights and religious ideals, along with its natural interdependence. Gopal Krishna Gokhale (9 May 1866 – 19 February 1915) in his active public life for the freedom movement of India spanning for thirty years laid the foundation for modern India. His […]

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