income tax

Goods and services tax in India

Feasible options for the implementation of the GST in April 2016. The introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) involving the unification and rationalisation of multiple production and consumption taxes at the Union and State levels, into a unified value added taxes on goods and services (GST) at Union and State levels, has been […]

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India’s budget 2014-15

India’s budget 2014-15: Initial steps towards professionalising tax administration. There has been widespread concern that the current organisations and systems of tax administration and compliance require fundamental reform. The economic cost to the society, including costs of compliance by the taxpayers, and distortions in economic decision making due to inconsistency in tax administration procedures, and poor […]

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Imagine no taxes

Implementing Nitin Gadkari’s idea of abolishing income, sales and excise taxes will throw up many challenges. Nitin Gadkari, former BJP president, is quoted by NDTV Profit saying that they’re considering a total abolition of income, sales and excise taxes. Instead, the government will institute a 1 percent to 1.5 perecent expenditure tax, and sell or […]

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The good and bad of political donations

In a healthy democracy, citizens’ involvement in the political process should not end at voting alone. How much does an election cost? Conducting the 2009 general elections cost the government Rs 1120 crores. The actual expenditure incurred in the elections by candidates and political parties has been estimated to about $3 billion (about Rs 14,000 […]

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