A pioneer liberal

Mahadev Govind Ranade, a noted historian, social reformer, judge of the High Court of Bombay, co-founder of the Indian National Congress and one of India’s original liberals.  The muddy and gushing Panchganga river adorns the town of Kolhapur like a necklace. The fertile valley and abundant water make for lush green sugarcane fields in the […]

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The legacy of Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Gokhale addressed the four corners of liberal values – social reforms, economic system, political rights and religious ideals, along with its natural interdependence. Gopal Krishna Gokhale (9 May 1866 – 19 February 1915) in his active public life for the freedom movement of India spanning for thirty years laid the foundation for modern India. His […]

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A solemn reminder, courtesy Pakistan

Lessons from Pakistan on why we must guard our state from religiosity and our society from majoritarianism. Organised murders and terror strikes stemming from religious fanaticism are unfortunately far too commonplace in the Pakistani society today. Even then, two recent incidents have shaken up the conscience of the ordinary Pakistani. The first incident was the […]

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The ban(e) on the Republic

The push for a political movement for the continuity of a liberal, democratic, republic has to happen now. We, in India have in the last few decades become a democracy, with little political will to defend the republic. In a race to prove our cultural and regional exceptionalism, we have systematically and emphatically alienated ourselves […]

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What is Indian secularism?

Secularism is more than laws, concessions, and special considerations. It is a state of mind, at best almost an instinctive feeling, such as India has known for many centuries. Dictionary definitions of secularism do not apply in any particular situation. Culture and context provide secularism with various manifestations which move well beyond what the lexicons […]

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Gandhi, the Liberal

A fresh look at Gandhian economics Are Gandhian economic policies incompatible with free market economics? Gandhi advocated limited government intervention, unfettered individual liberty and freedom, higher education in private hands and sex education in schools. In the wake of the global economic crisis, it is pertinent to examine Gandhi’s views on economics and ethics. Writing […]

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