Let his village remember

A review of Farthest Field by Raghu Karnad. Raghu Karnad’s Farthest Field (Harper Collins India) is a “forensic non-fiction” about three men who lived in his house as sepia coloured photographs in silver frames, until he decided to find out more about them starting with their real names. What starts as an effort to paint […]

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The losing war against ungoverned spaces

We are now living in an era where ungoverned spaces, long the accomplice in jihadist activity, are playing a starring role. One of the biggest counterterrorism concerns for the United States and its allies since the attacks of September 11, 2001, has been managing the dangers posed by ungoverned spaces. While al-Qaeda stars as the […]

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The Politics of Raymond Davis Javed Chaudhry in his Daily Express article is critical of Pakistan Muslim League (N)’s role in Raymond Davis’ release. He suggests that while it would have been impossible for Raymond Davis to be released without the acquiescence of the army, the Punjab government isn’t faultless either. Mr. Chaudhry suggests that […]

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