Reserve Bank of India

Indian financial code: real risk of financial capture

The biggest risk that the draft financial code poses to Indian economic and financial stability is that it vests tremendous powers in the executive branch of the government. India’s factor markets are broken. Land acquisition is next to impossible. Labour market reforms are threatened by a coalition of international agencies and molly-coddled labour unions. Banks have […]

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RBIs recent decisions

The recent decisions by the RBI with respect to cash withdrawals  are completely bereft of economic and financial reasoning. Two recent decisions of the Reserve Bank of India are retrogade in the sense that they encourage people to withdraw and use more cash rather than transacting with money within the banking system. The first case is […]

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Tibetan natural resources ROGER HOWARD states that relations between Beijing and Lhasa would be defined by the region’s natural resources and ‘development’ of the region would either strengthen or dissolve these political ties in the backdrop of ambitious Chinese plans to make Tibet an important ‘strategic resources reserve base’. In an article for the Chatham […]

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Filter, Alif, Radar

FILTER Ravi Gopalan Degrading the LeT network STEPHEN TANKEL of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace profiles the growth of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) network from its origins during the anti-Soviet jihad to its current role as Pakistani military’s strategic asset against India with a support network stretched throughout the subcontinent, the Gulf and the West. […]

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